S-Track - DCORE 6464

DCORE 系列网络音频服务器是针对 Dante 开发的 DSP 处理设备,仅有 Dante 的数字信号处理,无模拟信号处理。将其接入 Dante 网络中即可实现音频信号的网络传输与处理。

DCORE 系列目前最大支持 64x64,采用模块化配置,信号处理更加高效。支持噪声消除算法 (AFC)、支持回声消除算法(AEC)、支持噪声消除算法(ANC)。支持最多 64 路输入输出通道的矩阵混音和 16路全功能信号处理。

DCORE series network audio servers are DSP processing equipment developed for Dante. The only have digital signal processing for Dante--no analog signal processing. Be accessing them through the Dante network, the network transmission and processing of audio signals can be achieved.

DCORE series network audio servers support up to 64x64 and adopts modular configuration, achieving more efficient signal processing. They also support Automatic Feedback Cancellation (AFC), Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Automatic Noise Cancellation (ANC). They also support 64-channel inputs and outs of matrix mixing and 16-channel full-featured signal processing.

Suitable for conference centers, hotels, stadiums; form a large-scale network audio system with the support of Dante microphones, Dante I/O interfaces, Dante amplifiers and Dante speakers.

产品特性 / Product Features

• 系统输入/输出完全网络化;/ Full-networked system input and output

• 超强处理能力;/ strong processing capacity 

• 最大支持64x64通道;/ support up to 64x64 channels

• 内嵌声学反馈消除;/ built-in acoustin feedback cancellation module

• 内嵌声学回声消除;/ built-in acoustic echo cancellation module

• 内嵌声学噪声消除;/ built-in acoustic noise cancellation module

• 丰富的外部控制接口:RS232、RS485、GPIO、网口;/ rich external control interfaces: RS232, RS485, GPIO and internet access

• 标准USB:支持录音,支持播放音频文件;/ standard USB: support recording, support audio broadcasting files

• 支持DANTE:可组成大型网络数字音频系统;/ support DANTE: can be shaped into large-scale digital network audio system