S-Track - DACO 1616

网络音频接口机实现网络数字信号与模拟信号的互转,支持最大 16 路输入与 16 路输出的模拟通道。是模拟多媒体系统进行数字化升级的绝佳之选。

Network audio interface achieves conversions between digital network signals and analog signals, and supports up to 16-channel analog outputs. It is an ideal choice for digital upgrade of an analog multimedia system. Suitable for large conference rooms, multi-function halls and theaters; support expanded process input and remote signal access.

产品特性 / Product Features

  • 多语言支持;/ support multiple languages
  • 内嵌网页快捷操作;/ embedded webpage shortcut actions
  • 48V幻象供电;/ 48V phantom power
  • 最大16x16通道;/ support up to 16x16 channels
  • 多种规格可选;/ multiple optional specifications
  • 支持MIC/Line;/ support MIC/LINE
  • 系统状态指示灯;/ system status indicator light
  • 内嵌DANTE;/ built-in Dante
  • 内嵌网络适配器;/ built-in network adapter