Rane - HAL EXP5x

The EXP5x is a 12 Mic/Line/Line-Plus input & DSP expander for the HAL1x. It also supplies four DR ports, useful for adding source selection and/or volume control remote controls. Each of the 12 inputs independently supports either dynamic mic, 48V phantom mic, +4 dBu line-level, or Rane’s Line-Plus input. Line-Plus accepts -10 dBV unbalanced Left/Right Monoed together on the “+” and “–” ports, respectively. For stereo unbalanced sources, Line-Plus allows connecting the stereo RCA left tip conductor to the “+” terminal, the RCA right tip to the “–” terminal, and both RCA shields to the EXP5x Euroblock ground. Select Line-Plus in Halogen and you get a properly monoed audio channel.