Marani - MDA4-1000M

MDA4-1000M is designed to meet the most demanding portable and fixed installation sound systems, providing a full set of value added features such as efficient cooling system, on board DSP and USB/Ethernet for monitoring and control via PC software. The 4 output stages use the well-proven Pascal Class D SA-2 module, obtaining ultra low distortion, high efficiency and also equipped with a full set of circuit protections. MDA4-1000M is also a capable and sophisticated loudspeaker processor, with powerful M716 DSP running 96 kHz / 24 bit and high performance 24bit AD/DA Converters. It offers 4 channels of slope up to 48dB/Oct IIR HP/LP crossover filters, or up to 512 taps FIR filters[FIR coefficients can be imported as .txt file from external application] , RMS compressor, parametric Eqs , alignment delay and white/pink noise internal generator, everything needed to optimize a loudspeaker system. A 12dB headroom process is available.