Attero Tech - unDX4I

The unDX4I DanteTM Audio Interface is a cost effective multi‐IO wall box. The unDX4I features four balanced mic/line XLR inputs and two balanced line outputs on a Phoenix connector. All inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously and all audio channels are available separately. The unDX4I is designed to fit into most
dual gang US junction boxes and is PoE enabled, so all connectivity (power and data) is provided by a single CAT‐5 cable. The unDX4I’s size and IO density make it easy to put Dante connectivity wherever it’s needed ‐ near the audio source or sink ‐ thereby eliminating costly and interference prone analog wiring.

Case Studies

West Jordan High School, a public institution located southwest of Salt Lake City, has vastly increased audio quality and optimized flexibility in its main auditorium with a new multi-vendor Dante audio networked solution from Audinate.  Since installing the Dante network, West Jordan High School has enhanced the way it can produce musical concerts, public assemblies and special events for its guests and more than 2,000-strong student body, which includes the largest choir program of any Utah public school.