Speaker Management Processors

Unika - DSP-428

The UNiKA DSP-428 Loudspeaker Management Processor utilizes state of the art 64-bit digital processing technologies with 24-bit delta-sigma data converters in 128x oversampling.

AD-Systems - NT4-DSP

The NT4-DSP offers a 4in 4out topology. With 4 x Analog In, 4 x AESin and 4 x Dante in, FIR Filter and all available latest DSP technology, It provides a networkable, highly sophisticated DSP solution. This ensures worldwide optimal performance with every Loudspeaker System.

Monacor - DSM-48DT

Due to the Dante™ interface, it is possible to conveniently integrate the speaker management system DSM-48DT as a 2-channel receiver into a Dante™ audio network. Both of the Dante™ signals are available for the input channels IN3 and IN4, alternatively to the analogue inputs and the digital input.

Amate Audio - DSP608D

The DSP608D is the ideal tool for enhancing, updating and protecting any sound system by using the latest technology in sound processing.Equipped with 4 analog plus 2 digital inputs (AES/EBU or Dante) and 8 analog outputs, XLR balanced.