Dante Software Combo Pack

Audinate's new Dante Software Combo Pack delivers two licenses for only $59.95

This bundle provides the ultimate in computer-based audio flexibility and creativity, including:

  • Record up to 64 channels of audio using your favorite tools with Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • Share audio from applications and USB devices with Dante Via
  • Create computer-only audio networks, or connect to any Dante system

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Dante Via connects all your computer-based audio, including USB, Thunderbolt and PCIe devices as well as audio applications, to any Dante audio network. Audio applications, connected devices and Dante network endpoints are automatically discovered and displayed in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Dante Via supports up to 16x16 channels of audio for each application and up to 32x32 for each connected device.

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns your computer into a high performance Dante-powered recording workstation. Instantly connect to record, process and playout up to 64x64 channels using any audio application and any combination of Dante-enabled devices and software. Like Dante Via, Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the Ethernet port you already have - no snakes, no converters, no special cables or connectors.

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Ready to buy? Each Combo Pack contains one license for Dante Via and one license for Dante Virtual Soundcard. The licenses may be activated on separate computers or on a single computer (though they can't run simultaneously on the same computer).

Dante Via and Dante Virtual Soundcard Combo USD $59.95