Dante will be the talk of this year’s 137th AES Convention

Oct 2014

Microsoft Production Studios, Sydney Trains & The Cube Dante Installations Showcased

Audinate, inventor of the market leading digital media networking solution Dante™, will be the talk of many at this year’s 137th International AES Convention in Los Angeles.

Audinate is conducting multiple educational workshops on basic IT principles for audio networks. Landon Gentry, Director of Global Support Services for Audinate, will be kicking off the Networked Audio Track Thursday October 9, at 9:00 in room 404AB, with a “Primer on Fundamental Concepts of Media Networking”. This session will cover an overview of the OSI model and how data travels through network layers (a “networking stack”); Layers 1, 2, 3 and 4; Cables, MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, and networking protocols. Landon will also include an introduction to IP data networking as well as a brief discussion of IP networking standards and protocols that can be leveraged for media networking.

Audinate is also a sponsor of the AES Live Sound Expo taking place on the show floor at the LSE Stage. On Friday October 10 at 11:00am Landon Gentry will review “Networks and IT-The Basics." “You don’t have to be an IT professional to set up such networks, but having some core knowledge certainly helps,” stated Landon Gentry.

Also on Friday October 10, as part of the Networked Audio Track, John Ball, from Microsoft will share an overview of the Dante deployment in Microsoft Production Studios. This presentation on “How Microsoft upgraded their Redmond, WA, production facilities with audio-over-IP” will be held in room 409AB from 2:15 to 3:00pm. Immediately following this in the same location Mark Lownds of Stagetec Australia will talk on “Deployment of Large Scale Networking Based Announcement System for Sydney Rail” which describes the ongoing Dante-based public address system upgrade for the Sydney mass transportation system.

Matt Wilkinson from ARUP will be speaking about the new state of the art installation called “The Cube” at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech. Chuck Mitchell from Technology of the Arts will share case studies that illustrate the trends and potential of such installs and profile a number of houses of worship and a unique performance space/laboratory. These presentations, which all showcase the benefits of using Dante, will be at the LSE Stage Sunday October 12 from 1:00pm to 1:45pm.

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