WEBINAR: How to Leverage Dante for Streamlining Installs in Today’s Conferencing Environments

Mar 26, 2018


Join Audinate and Bose on March 26th at 2:00 PM EDT for a free webinar, brought to you by Commercial Integrator. Attendees will learn how to leverage Dante for streamlining installs in today’s meeting room environments, including medium to large conference rooms, divisible spaces and multipurpose spaces.

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When: March 26th at 2:00 PM EDT
Cost: FREE

Today’s work environments seem to have little in common with yesterday’s offices. That’s perhaps most evident in the ways in which meetings are conducted. Old-school, traditional boardrooms are becoming a relic of the past as organizations opt for medium- to large-conference rooms targeting sizes of 8 to 24 people; divisible spaces for flexibility; and multipurpose spaces for truly maximizing real estate.

While these innovative spaces open opportunities for improved work flow and better employee collaboration, they also create new challenges for audio system designers and technology managers. After all, modern collaborative meetings often involve audio conferencing in which clear audio is vital.

In this free webinar, audio experts from Audinate and Bose Professional will help system designers plan audio solutions for today’s modern meeting rooms.